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Sell Your Goods

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Ready to sell your creations?

As a crafter, I know that it takes hours of hard work to create quality handmade gifts, homemade food, decor and crafts. This website was developed to provide a place for artisan to sell their work online without the hassle of maintaining & marketing their own website. 

If want to sell your hand-crafted goods online, but don't want the hassle of maintaining your own site, then you have come to the right place. 

Benefits of selling on HandmadeCatalog

  • Have your own webpage and address: www.handmadecatalog.com/yournamehere
  • We handle the website maintenance & marketing & personal sales coaching
  • Our website is updated daily
  • Shoppers will find your items on Google, Yahoo, Bing and many shopping networks.  
  • Your items are searchable on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, and more.
  • Your items will be included in our email messages which go out to 1000s of active, opted-in buyers  
  • Since 2002, we have offered the lowest priced, full-service marketplace for USA hand-crafted goods 
  • No Contracts - cancel your account at any time!
  • Use your own PayPal account. 

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    Membership Types

    Basic Standard Professional V.I.P.

    Maximum Number of Items*

     10 Items 25 Items 250 Items Coming

    Low Monthly Price

    $4.95 $7.95 $12.95 Soon

    * Each item listed may have multiple options and variables, such as sizes, colors, patterns, styles, sets, groups, etc. and still count as one item.

    Questions Often Asked

    Can I add new items and swtich items whenever I want? 

    Yes! You will have full control over your inventory. You can add new items, modify existing ones and replace others. Our site is very seller-friendly and extremely easy to use. 

    What is a "Feature Listing"?

    Featured items appear on the homepage and are available for sale directed from our Facebook Store. These items are usually new, seasonal or sale items. You may request your items be featured at anytime and we will add your item as soon as there is an opening. Featured items also appear on our category selections, also by request.

    Can I cancel my Membership at any time?

    Yes, if for any reason you need to cancel your membership all you need to do is send us an email. Your account will automatically be closed at the end of the month. You can always cancel your Paypal subscription at Paypal.com

    How do I get paid?

    HandmadeCatalog pays crafters IN ADVANCE OF SHIPPING THE ORDER by check with US funds or by PayPal straight into your account.

    How are sales processed?

    When we receive an order with payment from a customer you will receive a copy of the order. After you confirm you can fill the order, we send your payment. You then ship the order out. You are always paid in advance.

    What about Shipping Costs?

    You will need to enter a specific amount for shipping your item if you choose to have the buyer pay for the shipping. This amount should be enough to cover a shipment of your craft for the continental United States (our primary customer base). You can include options and instructions for the buyer in your item's description if you want to provide different shipping costs and methods. You may also to choose to offer free shipping

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