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Toke Up CA and MA

Party like it is 2017 - Toke up legally in CA and MA

The election results have me a little speechless this morning but one bright spot is the Cannabis Laws in California have changed. But will the paranoia ever go away? 

I am so glad the election is over. Now we can get back to the really important things - Handmade Things! 

Gear Shift Knob Bottle Stopper

Get it in gear with this totally wicked Gear Shift Knob Bottle Stopper.

From Nascar to Indy to the project car in the garage, car fans are going to love this one!  To see more like this and other hand-turn wood creations click here.

Crafty Sisters Cottage

Wall Art that Welcomes You to our Home - Coyotes and moon in the desert!

Fall has arrived in grand style. Let your home reflect the seasons with unique wall art, door wreaths, centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table and more! Meet our newest member
Craft Sisters Cottage! Visit their new shop for lots of Autumn Decor! Each item is OOAK - One of a kind! 

Kits and Supplies

Visit our updated kits and supplies categories for many new projects and supplies including sewing trim, patterns and fabric!

Our Kits and Supplies Category has just been updated and filled up with all kinds of craft supplies, fabric, trim,  patterns and more!
Click Here

Welcome Back Lynn

Welcome Back Lynn, we are so happy to have L and L Candles and Crafts back in our catalog again. You will love what she does with yarn, from warm slippers to scarves and many useful creations for your kitchen.


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