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Foye Marcin

After I retired, I started looking for a hobby to keep me busy and I found jewelry making and beading. Since starting, I have tried various types of making jewelry. Just this year, I started doing Peyote stitch and I really enjoy this stitching method. I love seeing the bracelets come to life! I am a mother of 4 daughters, 10 grand children (mostly girls) and 7 great-grand children, so my family keeps me busy for birthdays and Christmas! But decided to try and sell some of my bracelets to help pay for beading supplies. I hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy making them! All patterns are by Julie Ann Smith at julieannsmith.com unless otherwise stated. If you should go to her website and find a pattern you like, email me the pattern name and I will special make for you! My email address is fnicramp@gmail.com. Wish my pictures were better, because believe me the pictures DO NOT do justice to the bracelets at all!!! Thanks for looking at my page! Have a very good day.


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