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A collection of books on arts and crafts, selling crafts online and maketing from our affiliates and sponsors. All titles have been reviewed and found to be very useful on their subject. Enjoy!


The Home Craft Business - How to MakeIt Survive and Thrive

The Home Craft Business - How to make it, survive and thrive
by Patrice Lewis

Want to work from home? Looking for an alternative source of income in uncertain times? How about turning your craft hobby into a business?

Read Patrice Lewis’s book The Home Craft Business: How to Make it Survive and Thriveand find out if you have what it takes to become a craft entrepreneur.Patrice Lewis draws on sixteen years’ worth of experience in running a home craft business with her husband.  Patrice’s name is familiar to hundreds of thousands of readers throughThe Crafts Report Magazine and Countryside Magazine on the subject of home craft businesses, and now she’s collected all her experience into one convenient e-book. To find out more or to get your copy  Click Here!

How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun & Profit
by Lana Glass

Candy Arrangements are floral like edible creations that are not only beautiful but also delicious. People want to surprise their loved ones with unique gifts (not just box of sweets or flowers) and a candy bouquet is the answer. It makes a recipient feel really special. Almost all kids and adults love candy and always welcome candy bouquet gifts. Believe me, your candy bouquet gift will be a hit!

Lana's books take you through each step in creating these beautiful arrangements. She provides exactly the right amount of detail so you and I can avoid those epic craft fails. These books are so inspiring! As soon as you start to read them, your mind races to all the things you can make! 

Start your own candy bouquet business today! The investment is small, the return should be great.
As long as you don't eat the profits. 

To start learning how to make stunning candy bouquets Click Here!