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About Us

Happy New Year  2019, our 17th year on the Internet

Way back in 2002, HandmadeCatalog.com was created as a way for crafters and shoppers to engage in a virtual craft fair. Although an online marketplace is no longer a new idea, our personal service still sets us apart.

I handle most of the programming personally, am way deep in tech and always looking for new ways to get the right handmade goods to the perfect customer. Let's Skype, text, email or talk on the phone.

Plus, I'm old-school. I like talking on the phone, especially to my customers, partners and friends! In fact, if you are interested in becoming part of my organization in any way please let me know. Let's build this community together.

Also, all profits, if any, are always used for advertising the maker's handmade items.

If you would like to donate to show your support for handmade goods, their makers and this site please click on the button below.


What's NEW On Our Site

Our online catalog was recently upgraded to include videos, social media buttons, magnified detailed images and many more cutting edge features for our shoppers and sellers. At present, we are expanding our catalog to include other products that are created by hand including artisan breads and other cottages foods. Future plans include more custom-made products and home-grown plants, herbs and more as well as product videos and expanded payment options

Meet the Owner

Hi there fellow craft fan!

Pam Wylie here, the owner and operator of HandmadeCatalog.com. I've been a crafty geek my whole life, working on computers by day and crafting up my spare time. I even owned and operated a Dial-Up ISP company and a computer repair and game shop back in the late nineties. Wow how things have changed - no smart phones or Netflix back then.

About our Talented Makers & Creators 

Through the years some of the finest artisans and makers in the USA have used our website. Many of our creators have been with us for over 15 years.They are all committed to their work, providing products that are not only made by hand, but also are made with superior quality. They take pride in their work and we offer a 100% statisfaction guaranty for every item in our catalog. We encourage you to communicate with these people directly, especially since they all create custom products. If you have an idea, we can most likely find a creator for you. 

Why Shop Here?

It's easy, convenient and our products are unique. You are also supporting small businesses in the United States while keeping handicrafts, and other traditions and cultures alive. Please shop here with peace of mind. Everything we sell is covered with a money-back guaranty. All your information is keep strictly private and our customer service cannot be beat! Send email, call or text me at 760-391-8271.